Now that you know my name, good luck spelling it. I'm a suspiciously-chipper graphic designer who sees the world through rainbow-colored glasses. I grew up in Cleveland with my European family of five, raised on arts and crafts. The pasta was infinite, the game nights were loud, and the love unconditional.

A creative path quickly became my calling. I wanted to build worlds rich in color, expressive with type, alive with motion. It didn't take long for my mission to become quite clear — I'm setting out to bring energy and soul back to design.


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Brand Design

Logos, business cards, color identities, and marks to make your business memorable 

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Hand-lettering, digital typesetting, and imaginative word doodles

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Social Content

Photography, design, colorful edits, and the magic you get when combining all 3

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Video filming and editing, 2D logo animations, and motion graphics

Grab Bag

These are a few of my favorite things.

[ My Motto ]   Don't settle for a silver lining. The golden days are designed by you.



Christopher Monaco

Assistant Creative Director, 96 Octane

Daniel’s talent can’t be defined in a singular skill set. It’s his creative edginess and his unique range of work that gives him the ability to be flexible, allowing for creative variety and innovation in his designs. In addition, his initiative to collaborate attributes to him being an important asset to any team or project.

Gabe Cotto

Director of Photo/Video, Progressive Ins.

Daniel is someone who doesn’t seem to have creative limits. I miss having the opportunity to see his work. Whether it’s print design, digital, photography or motion design, it always seems to stand out.

Heather Shelini Alabado

Director + Creative Director, COLOR Creative

Daniel is one of the rare talents I got to work with. He's the type of creative who will learn anything and try anything to get his vision across. The smart guy you need, he's completely dedicated to his craft whether it's for work or for fun. And best of all, he's a great person with a huge heart and personality. All around aces!

Todd Roe

Marketing Director, Verizon Media

Daniel’s superpower is knowing when to follow, bend or break the rules to  push the brand ahead in the marketplace.  He’s diligent with every detail and brings innovative thinking to the work.

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San Francisco, California

I designed a 'first-in-nation' Pride Patch for the SFPD, marking 50 years since Stonewall. This patch was at the center of fundraising efforts for Larkin Street Youth Services. Cops wore these on their uniforms the entire month of June, to celebrate Pride!