When Outside Magazine's internal design studio reached out for a logo, I knew that a design challenge was ahead! They already had an established magazine and logo with history behind it. I needed to keep the studio's look and feel within the same world as it's forerunner.

The client requested a comprehensive set of color variants. This full set acts as way for them to differentiate their coverage of sports, people, places, adventure, discoveries, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends and events. To create a youthful, outdoorsy, classic camp charm,

I used hand-lettering to keep it human, letterforms inspired by Outside's original logo to keep it familiar, and linework (inspired by the dirt tracks, mountains, waves and birds) to capture the energy of the outdoors!    


I joined the Yahoo Mail team, at the dawn of its rebranding into a new look, created by Pentagram. What made things interesting was seeing how the brand shifted away from the quirky O's and feminine feel, to a bold, san-serif logo with a thickset masculinity. 

By using lovable doodles and colorful illustrations, I made sure the brand did not lose its eccentric spirit. This translated to how I would approach stationary and emoji design, to social posts and home page logos, to merchstore items like tee's and enamel pins!      

A brand with this much soul can incite a radical shift in its category. I'm thrilled to have been a part of Yahoo finding its new voice and look forward to seeing how the company stretches its new guidelines to evolve its whimsical personality!

Nova Bakery brand design collage


This bakery design was one of the zaniest brandings I've had the pleasure of working on. The brief was incredibly interesting: take a bakery that focuses on natural ingredients and give it a spark with a colorful spectrum that includes pink. The client made it very clear that

she did not want the branding to have earth tones or focus too heavily on the "natural" element. So, by collaborating with a copywriter, we found a way to cleverly nod to that in the tagline! She wanted to appeal to the young yoga moms of her kids' school system with 

a logo that's modern and sophisticated. Something that truly feels like it belongs in this new age of local businesses.

We wrapped up the project with some pattern designs for social media headers, business cards, and color variants with her logo for profile pictures and stickers.


Below are some examples of the palettes I make for clients when developing their brand identity.

Nova Bakery design color book
Cracked Escape brand design collage


The first entertainment business in all of downtown Kent (my old stomping grounds) asked me to develop its core brand identity! The idea of completely immersive, movie set-style escape rooms was a brand designer's dream. I pulled inspiration from velvety theatre

curtains with golden rope ties for their color palette. To capture the energy of the puzzle fans that hit up these escape rooms, the logo incorporates a playful typewriter look topped with a magnifying glass. Every 6 months, Cracked rotates in a new room with an

entirely unique theme and set of puzzles. I designed the badges for each room (view top right of collage). These badges are used across digital and print materials, along with the magnifying glass pattern I developed for them.

Busi brand design collage


Fashion designer and tailor Anna Busi and I set out to build her personal brand. She brought lace from France as inspiration and connected with more elegant, adult colors like mauve. I gave her a mark that was uniquely her own. Since I knew she wanted her brand to

be her name, I designed a unique logo using her signature. We had her write her name over and over until the answer popped right out. The way her stroke swirled through the uppercase 'B' reminded me of a needle and thread. After analyzing over 30+ signatures,

I made a logo-fied 'B' with a threaded bow and dotted the 'i' with a tiny button, imperfectly offset like every one of her 30 signatures. I aimed to capture her playfulness and grace, and am confident we did just that!


What better time to turn up the funk than on a holiday party brand design? Verizon Media was seeking a memorable visual identity for an around-the-world celebration. VM offices, from Tokyo, to London, to Madrid and NYC, will all host a throwback holiday party this year!

We pitched the event as a night of
novelty for employees of all ages to vibe out in a youthful world of lava lamps and bagel bites. I 
received one design request to  use Verizon Media's brands' colors. From Huffington Post green, to Yahoo purple, to AOL blue, we painted

the entire house of brands with a
rainbow of confident colors and festive doodles! I made a typography-influenced illustration used across all collateral and 
broken out into themed holiday posters, to pin up around each office!



This brain child of mine was my pride and joy in college. I set out to reinvent the ping-pong paddle and make it something worth bragging about, worth worshipping. The whole aesthetic would be customizable, from the grip to the paddle's print. But more exciting is the

custom sound effect packs you could load into your personal paddle that would activate upon impact. Players could also press the score counter button near their thumb, each time they got a point. The accompanying charging dock (w/ built-in bluetooth speaker) would

keep count, while bumping your favorite tunes. The demographic targeted was young, millennial adults. Marketing surrounded the idea to reclaim the ping-pong ball back from beer pong. Preset paddle packs would be sold in-store and completely custom paddles sold online.

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